Distilled Water


Where Can I Buy Distilled Water From?

Distilled water is an important element for a variety of processes in an array of industries. This type of water has had all of the impurities and contaminants which are generally found in typical tap water removed. Our water is first demineralised by being passed through ion exchange resin beds which removes all the ion […]

Using Distilled Water In Cosmetics

It’s time to hit more of a colourful topic when it comes to distilled water. Generally, well known uses of distilled water cover topping up car batteries, being used in stream irons or even for fishkeeping, amongst many others. It also has a major stake in both the medical and industrial industries. However, did you […]

Why Should I buy Distilled Water from a Supplier?

Distilled water is used in a variety of applications and in a number of industrial and laboratory environments for cleaning, rinsing and testing. This multi-purpose water is also commonly used in ironing, automotive batteries as well as laser cutting. However, it can be quite difficult finding a distilled water supplier. Recap: How It’s Made Distilled […]

The Truth Behind Distilled Water

Ever wondered what the real truth behind distilled water is? Myths exist and this makes things harder for one to distinguish fact from fiction. We believe that it is essential for customers to understand the logistics behind distilled water and the way that they see it. The Distillation Process Normal tap water is put through […]

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