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Why Should I buy Distilled Water from a Supplier?

Distilled water is used in a variety of applications and in a number of industrial and laboratory environments for cleaning, rinsing and testing. This multi-purpose water is also commonly used in ironing, automotive batteries as well as laser cutting. However, it can be quite difficult finding a distilled water supplier. Recap: How It’s Made Distilled […]

The Truth Behind Distilled Water

Ever wondered what the real truth behind distilled water is? Myths exist and this makes things harder for one to distinguish fact from fiction. We believe that it is essential for customers to understand the logistics behind distilled water and the way that they see it. The Distillation Process Normal tap water is put through […]

Using a Home Water Distiller

Distilling water at home through traditional methods can prove to be a tricky process as it is not 100% fool proof. Most tools at your disposal are not built to provide high quality purified water.  Our Mega Home Water Distiller offers a safe alternative that adheres to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards. This […]

Cleaning your Home Water Distiller

In order to ensure a longer and more productive life of your Home Water Distiller you must make sure that you continuously upkeep and clean it. Having it properly cleaned continuously and properly is essential for it to always serve you the same way as the first day. The cleaning of your water distiller is […]

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