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Make your Distilled Water Do Magic Tricks (#2)

If you want to show some magic tricks to your friends without actually buying magic equipment, you can easily do that with distilled water. There are many ways you can perform magic with water, but here are just a few of them. 1)      Make water explode – all you need is to superheat water that […]

Buy Distilled Water for Witches Cauldron

So, you are a big fan of Halloween and are looking to really get into the mood this year with a spooky witches cauldron. First, you need to buy distilled water as it is the key element of the great creepy decoration. Once you have your distilled water you can then look for a fog […]

How to Clean Laptop Screen using Distilled Water

Distilled Water can help you ensure that your laptop screen is spotless. Get some 2 clean cotton cloths, isopropyl alcohol, distilled water, and cotton swabs. Make sure that you never try and clean your computer screen with an old rag or paper towels using tap water or other types of alcohols as this will leave […]

Art with Distilled Water

Distilled water is used in one of the art pieces that will be shown at an exhibition in the Hudson Valley Centre for Contemporary Art on the 18th of September. The exhibition is called “CIRCA 1986 – The 80’s From Six Important New York Art Collections”. This interesting exhibition will present 70 art works from […]

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