Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Water Aquarium

Reverse Osmosis Water In an Aquarium

 A common query from our customers is whether you can use Reverse Osmosis water in an aquarium The one thing that fish have in common is they all live in water. But, the type of water can vary from the soft acidic, to mineral rich and salty depth of the ocean. This variation caused the […]
energy efficient distillation

Efficient, effective distillation technology

A patented low-temperature cost-effective distillation process for seawater desalination has been introduced by Swiss company Watersolutions AG. A pilot plant in El Gouna, Egypt has proven the principle, with very pure water being produced reliably and efficiently. The Watersolutions LTD system condenses water at low temperature and pressure, using waste heat (50‑110°C) from thermal processes […]

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