Deionised Water


Where Can I Buy Deionised Water From?

Deionised water is produced through chemical purification which removes salts, metals, trace elements and other micro-particles. In simple terms, deionised water is free from all charged atoms and molecules (ions) after is goes through specialised ion exchange equipment. Deionised water has a much higher degree of purity then that of distilled water and can be […]

Using Demineralised Water to Lower the Hardness of Water in Fish Tanks

If you own an aquarium or fish tank, you’ve undoubtedly had to learn a thing or two about water chemistry. Knowing the right water quality to use in such environments is essential to the flourishing of aquatic life. The wrong water can lead to poor health and early death, which may explain why some pet […]
Deionised water in cosmetics

Deionised Water in Cosmetics

The use of deionised water in Cosmetics is commonplace and we supply to many companies who are involved in cosmetics production in the UK When cosmetics or skincare products are made they need to be made using highly pure water to ensure that no toxins, pollutants or microbes are present in the final product.  This […]
distilled water can effect cardiovascular health

Uses of deionised water

Having last week explored the differences between distilled and deionised water in our aptly named blog, “Differences between deionised and distilled water”, this week we answer your questions about the uses of this substance, and how they’ll differ from those of distilled water. Topping up of lead acid batteries in cars: This is one of […]

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