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Dieting and Distilled Water

Buy distilled water if you are planning to go under a detoxifying program. We strongly recommend you to drink distilled water if you want to detoxify your body. If you are going to do a regular dieting, you should stick to the regular water. This is so, because when you diet, your body needs a […]
Demineratised Home Humidifier

Demineralised Water for your Humidifier

Demineralised water has many great uses. One such use can be applied in one household appliance which is very important during the winter months. As the weather outside gets cold we turn our heaters on, which in turn dry out the air. This is when we take out our ultrasonic humidifier to help us and […]

Deionized or Deionised Water

It’s a simple difference between American spelling’s with a “z” and the English used of an “s”. Although interestingly this is one of the areas in which the Americanisation has become the dominant term in usage in the UK (Google Insight). Rather than being bloody minded Englishmen we are taking the dominant term. So past […]

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