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Distilled Water given to Sick Inmates

Inmates at Tacloban Prison, situated in the port city of the same name in the Philippines, are being treated for sickness and diarrhoea, following conformation that five of the sixty-six sufferers had contracted amoebiasis from the water in the prison. Both sources of water at the institution have been tested, and both have been proven […]
Demineratised Home Humidifier

Demineralised Water for your Humidifier

Demineralised water has many great uses. One such use can be applied in one household appliance which is very important during the winter months. As the weather outside gets cold we turn our heaters on, which in turn dry out the air. This is when we take out our ultrasonic humidifier to help us and […]
distilled water can effect cardiovascular health

Uses of deionised water

Having last week explored the differences between distilled and deionised water in our aptly named blog, “Differences between deionised and distilled water”, this week we answer your questions about the uses of this substance, and how they’ll differ from those of distilled water. Topping up of lead acid batteries in cars: This is one of […]

The distilled water company and the London Marathon

It has been a few weeks since the London Marathon took place on the streets of our beloved capital, and thousands of runners took on one of the most challenging things a human being can do; pushing themselves to their physical and psychological limits as they pound the roads in aid of their chosen charity. […]

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