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Distilled Water for Dried-Out Third World Countries

Distilled water is the answer for the many third world countries that suffer from a constant drought or pollution in their natural water reserves. There are many countries in the world that suffer from insufficient amounts of clean and drinkable water and people are dying not only of hunger but of thirst. This is commonly […]

Drinking Distilled Water whilst Fasting

Reading about people around the world using distilled water makes us excited- which shouldn’t really be surprising or shocking to you, dear reader, as we do sell it after all. This week, however, we read of a distilled water fan using it for medical purposes, and we’d like to (gently) put him straight. We recently came […]

Should we drink Distilled water?-part 2

Following last week’s blog exploring the health benefits of drinking distilled water, the second in the two-part series sees us talking about the other side of the coin, about the negative effects it can have on one’s health. -It has been found that in some ‘hard water’ areas, where the water is rich with minerals, […]

Should we drink Distilled water?- part 1

There are ongoing debates about whether or not we should be drinking distilled water, as some say that consuming it for prolonged periods of time, without balancing out your intake with regular mineral water, can cause health problems. In the first of our new two-part blog, we explore some of the supposed benefits of drinking […]

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