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Bench pressing Pudsey for Children in Need

Pressure Cooler’s National Account Manager swapped his desk for a Pudsey Bear outfit to support a fantastic cause last week. Children in Need is a UK based charity which aids in bettering the lives of underprivileged and disabled kids across the country. We recruited the talented Adebayo Akinfenwa aka “The Beast”, legendary Wimbledon football player, […]
Cleaning coins with Distilled Water

Uses for Distilled Water: Cleaning Old Coins

If there’s one thing you can be certain of whenever you buy or find an ancient coin, is that the coins will probably (read: definitely) require some cleaning. These ancient coins, which are often quite valuable collector’s items, frequently have a thick encrustation from being buried for long periods of time – sometimes for a […]
Distilled Water Company

Distilled Water that’s Out of this World

The Distilled Water Company prides itself on its reputation as a supplier of distilled water across the UK. But recently, the Company exceeded its own performance parameters and saw its distilled water venture out into space as a part of the Galileo project. Read on to find out just what our distilled water has played a […]
Venus Fly Trap Distilled Water

Using Distilled Water for Venus Fly Traps

It is not a good idea to use tap water for your venus fly trap (Dionea) as tap water contains dissolved solids that can harm the plant such as sodium, calcium, chlorine, magnesium etc etc. Over time these minerals will build up and eventually harm or kill your plant. It is highly recommended that all […]

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