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The PH Of Purified Water

Many people do not know what pH represents, but those who do know that purified water has a neutral one. “P” in pH means power, and “H” – hydrogen. These two letters represent an equation of hydrogen ion concentration. This equation defines if a certain substance is acidic or alkaline. This range starts from 0 […]

Make your Distilled Water Do Magic Tricks (#2)

If you want to show some magic tricks to your friends without actually buying magic equipment, you can easily do that with distilled water. There are many ways you can perform magic with water, but here are just a few of them. 1)      Make water explode – all you need is to superheat water that […]

Five Amazing things Distilled Water Does: Number 1

Distilled Water is a great way to ensure that your home appliances work properly, but did you know it can also do magic? There are numerous great things that you can do right at home that will truly blow your mind. To start with, did you know that water that is distilled can actually explode? […]

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