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Clean your smartphone in 5 easy steps

  No matter the size or shape of your smartphone, it’s time to get rid of those irritating grime marks that are plaguing your display.  Whether your model is old or brand new, you just need to follow a few simple steps to get your device as clean as when you first took it out […]

Art with Distilled Water

Distilled water is used in one of the art pieces that will be shown at an exhibition in the Hudson Valley Centre for Contemporary Art on the 18th of September. The exhibition is called “CIRCA 1986 – The 80’s From Six Important New York Art Collections”. This interesting exhibition will present 70 art works from […]

Distilled Water Facial for a Monument

Distilled water is the number one helper of archaeologists who are trying to restore monuments facing the sea. The shore temple of Memallapuram, India is currently being restored with the help of this water. Whenever a monument is facing the ocean, erosion occurs. The winds that are blowing from the ocean to the mainland are […]

Where Distilled Water is Applied

The Distilled Water Suppliers have some interesting information to share with you. Many people are asking the question – where is distilled water applied? It is certainly not only for drinking.   This water is widely used in biological and chemical laboratories. This type of water is extremely pure. It is not ionized and does […]

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