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Distilled Water for Cleaning Coins

If you are a collector of coins then you definitely need to buy distilled water for making sure that they are perfectly clean. Here are several steps to ensuring that your collection is in perfect shape and always shiny. Initially what you need to do prepare your working space. Have a container with distilled water […]

Uses of Distilled water: Part 2

  We bet you never knew that distilled water was so useful for so many things- that’s what we’re here for, to wax lyrical about how we at The Distilled Water Company may be able to help with things that you never knew could be improved. So read on, loyal blog-follower, and uncover more of […]

Uses of Distilled Water: Part 1

Purified, or distilled, water can be useful for tonnes of things, which is one of the reasons that we at the distilled water company are so fond of it. In celebration of this, we’ve decided to share with you some of our preferred uses of our favourite liquid; who knows, maybe you’ll find a new […]

What is Distilled Water?

We at the Distilled Water Company love distilled water; clearly, otherwise we wouldn’t be so passionately writing, reading, discovering about, experimenting with and selling it. We also know that it is something of a mystery to many, and for these said many, questions such as, ‘what is distillation’, ‘what does distilled water taste like’, and […]

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