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Gardening with distilled water

Depending on the type of gardener you are, you probably spend a lot of time investigating the type and quality of the water you use.  For normal recreational gardening and watering the lawn, tap water is just fine.  However, if you’re working with sensitive plants like orchids or young seedlings in a greenhouse distilled water […]

Distilled water for cosmetic use

This article will explore a rather colourful topic: the use of distilled water in makeup, skincare, and other cosmetic and personal care products. Cosmetic companies only use distilled water, due to its exceptional purity, when manufacturing their haircare, skin cleansing and moisturising, nail care or makeup products.  This highly purified water acts as a solvent […]

How to Make Cost-effective Cleaning Products with Distilled Water

When it comes to cleaning your home, it’s tempting to continually use common detergents from your local store. However, many of these products contain ingredients that can be dangerous to your health and also damage your belongings. Ironically, these products that were made with cleanliness in mind are also major contributors to pollution. Meaning that […]
where can I buy distilled-water

Where to Buy Distilled Water & How to Store It

Distilled water is a special product that is used in a wide variety of industries and processes. If you’ve come to this blog post, you’re probably already aware of the process for which you need to buy distilled water, but you may not know yet where to buy distilled water from, or how to store it […]

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