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Distilled Water for Cleaning Coins

If you are a collector of coins then you definitely need to buy distilled water for making sure that they are perfectly clean. Here are several steps to ensuring that your collection is in perfect shape and always shiny. Initially what you need to do prepare your working space. Have a container with distilled water […]

Distilled Water Facial for a Monument

Distilled water is the number one helper of archaeologists who are trying to restore monuments facing the sea. The shore temple of Memallapuram, India is currently being restored with the help of this water. Whenever a monument is facing the ocean, erosion occurs. The winds that are blowing from the ocean to the mainland are […]

Dieting and Distilled Water

Buy distilled water if you are planning to go under a detoxifying program. We strongly recommend you to drink distilled water if you want to detoxify your body. If you are going to do a regular dieting, you should stick to the regular water. This is so, because when you diet, your body needs a […]

Distilled Water Sent to Help Flood Victims

At a time when heavy rain, flooding and landslides are causing havoc around the world, many organisations are extending a hand to help those in need. Smart Communications Inc, the Philippines’ largest wireless services provider, has been lending a hand to people affected by the floods in both Southern Leyte and Butuan City, by sending […]

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