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How to Clean Laptop Screen using Distilled Water

Distilled Water can help you ensure that your laptop screen is spotless. Get some 2 clean cotton cloths, isopropyl alcohol, distilled water, and cotton swabs. Make sure that you never try and clean your computer screen with an old rag or paper towels using tap water or other types of alcohols as this will leave […]

You Can Make You Own Distilled Water

Here is how you can make you own distilled water. Fill in a 5 gallon pot of stainless steel with tap water. If you have a filter it is even better, because the water will not have chlorine and other chemicals inside. Put a round bowl made of glass in the pot. Make sure it […]

Save Money with Distilled Water

Wondering how to save money this year – using distilled water might just be the answer. This year we can all try to save some money! One of the ways we can do that without even noticing is using water that has been distilled. Have you ever tried to calculate how much money you spend […]

Cleaning your Home Water Distiller

In order to ensure a longer and more productive life of your Home Water Distiller you must make sure that you continuously upkeep and clean it. Having it properly cleaned continuously and properly is essential for it to always serve you the same way as the first day. The cleaning of your water distiller is […]

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