Art with Distilled Water

Distilled water is used in one of the art pieces that will be shown at an exhibition in the Hudson Valley Centre for Contemporary Art on the 18th of September. The exhibition is called “CIRCA 1986 – The 80’s From Six Important New York Art Collections”. This interesting exhibition will present 70 art works from more than forty artists from around the world. All of them created their best work between the period of ’81 and ’91 – an extremely successful time for artists. This period began with a roar and emerging of hundreds of new artists, but ended unfortunately with the art market collapse. Everything created in that time was classified as “neo”. Neo-expressionism, neo-surrealism, neo-Geo. The prices of art at that particular time were sky high. You can take the time to check a painting by Jasper John, called “Out the window” which was sold for two million dollars! Among other interesting pieces is one from Jeff Koons. It is called “Two ball 50/50 Tank”. A very unusual piece it is, because it resembles a fish tank, except there is no fish in it, but two orange basketballs floating in water that has been distilled. The art work is made of glass and steel. We did not know that this water can be used in art like that, but we were certainly pleasantly surprised.

Check out what other amazing things can be done with the help of distilled water in our blog!

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