Buy Distilled Water for Witches Cauldron

So, you are a big fan of Halloween and are looking to really get into the mood this year with a spooky witches cauldron. First, you need to buy distilled water as it is the key element of the great creepy decoration.

Once you have your distilled water you can then look for a fog machine. These are rather easy to find around Halloween and at fairly low prices as well. Simply either look online or even at your nearby retail store, of course, in the Halloween section. Try and find one that offers coloured lights which will give the cauldron that extra spooky feel. While there also buy the cauldron if you don’t have one. They have fairly cheap plastic ones available, though if you already have your own you can use that as well. Also, check out some creepy decorations for the cauldron such as packaged spider web, they even have it glow in the dark.

Place two bricks at the bottom of the cauldron to ensure that it doesn’t move anywhere, plus they will serve as a pedestal for the water and fog machine. Then pour water in a pan and place the fog machine in it. Do a test run to see how often you need to refill the water. Buy distilled water in advance, and have plenty at hand to ensure that you don’t run out when you least expect it.

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