Demineralised Water


Using Demineralised Water to Lower the Hardness of Water in Fish Tanks

If you own an aquarium or fish tank, you’ve undoubtedly had to learn a thing or two about water chemistry. Knowing the right water quality to use in such environments is essential to the flourishing of aquatic life. The wrong water can lead to poor health and early death, which may explain why some pet […]

The Difference Between Distilled and Demineralised Water

There is a common misconception that distilled and demineralised water are one and the same.  Seeing as both types refer to water in its purest form, it’s understandable that many people get confused.  Adding to this confusion, the uses for both types are very similar.  The biggest difference between these two forms of purified water […]
Demineralised Water

How We Produce Demineralised Water

Water quality is constantly variable. To produce demineralised water of a very high purity, it must undergo a process whereby the two main types of impurity are removed. These two types of impurity can loosely be defined as: Suspended Solids – such as finely divided solid matter that is too small to settle out of […]
Clear Ice Cubes

How to make clear ice cubes

If you are wondering how to make clear ice cubes we have the answer. Both distilled and demineralised water when frozen become perfectly clear ice cubes which look stunning in any drink. Use distilled or even purer and more cost effective demineralised water to make your ice cubes at home. No need to spend money […]

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