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Indian students build rickshawwhich runs on 80% distilled water

A motorized rickshaw which runs on 80 per cent distilled water and 20 per cent liquid petroleum gas has been developed by students at the Mechanical Department of the MVJ College of Engineering, in Bangalore, India. The vehicle does not actually use distilled water as fuel; instead, the water is used to improve the efficiency […]

Happy Wednesday From the Distilled Water Company

The sun is shining, and we want to wish all our customers a very happy Wednesday. Half way to go till the weekend!

The Distilled Water Co Celebrates Rob and Helens Wedding

Here at the distilled water company we would like to give hearty congratulations to our colleague Rob Innes, whose last day at work is today before he ties the knot with fiance Helen on the weekend before embarking on his honeymoon. With best wishes for the future for the happy couple.

Correction: Distilled Water and Boeing 707 Engines

We recently received the following email in reference to our to our information on distilled water page on our website – “Hi, Not that is any of my business but your description of the use of distilled water to cool the old 707 engines is not correct. I flew them for 14 years. It would […]

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