Where to Buy Distilled Water & How to Store It

Distilled water is a special product that is used in a wide variety of industries and processes. If you’ve come to this blog post, you’re probably already aware of the process for which you need to buy distilled water, but you may not know yet where to buy distilled water from, or how to store it once you’ve bought it. That’s where our many years of expertise in the industry of distilled water comes in.

Because of its unique properties, distilled water requires special preparation and care. As you may or may not know, it is derived from the process of distillation by which the regular water is turned into vapour that is pure and free from contaminants. This vapour is then condensed and turned back into a de-mineralised liquid form.

Where to buy distilled water

Because of the specialised processes by which distilled water is made, you may believe that you’d have to rely on a laboratory of sorts in order to buy it. Surprisingly however, you can buy distilled water in the UK from most of your local pharmacies or supermarkets. However, this is often an unreliable and intermittent source of distilled water because there is no guarantee that they are carrying the stock of distilled water when you require it, and they often will not carry enough to meet industrial process demands. If you only require a small amount of distilled water, then a first point of call could be to contact your local pharmacy or supermarket before trying another route.

If this search should prove unfruitful, or if you require distilled water of a greater volume and insured quality, then the best option for buying distilled water is to trust specialised companies, such as The Distilled Water Company, who have built up an esteemed reputation as a supplier of distilled water for a number of industries and clients. Professional suppliers like us are able to offer both business and domestic customers containers of distilled water that range from five-litres all the way up to 1000-litres.


How to store distilled water

Distilled water is sometimes referred to as “aggressive”. It’s referred to in this way because of its willingness to combine with other substances it may come into contact with in order to return to its original state. The substances with which the distilled water combines to become contaminated can be found anywhere, even in the container in which you choose to store your distilled water.

To prevent this from happening and to keep your distilled water pure, it’s vital that you store it properly. A glass container has been proven to be the safest option, while also having a minimal effect on the quality of the water over time. Some scientists even suggest that the glass containers be kept in the dark to avoid algal growth. If stored properly in a stoppered glass bottle, then the distilled water should keep for many years.


The Distilled Water Company is the leading supplier in the UK, and ought to be the only answer to the question of where to buy distilled water. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and find out how you can go about buying the top quality distilled water you need, from a company you can trust.

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