Cleaning your Home Water Distiller

In order to ensure a longer and more productive life of your Home Water Distiller you must make sure that you continuously upkeep and clean it. Having it properly cleaned continuously and properly is essential for it to always serve you the same way as the first day. The cleaning of your water distiller is called “descaling” which helps prevent mold and other effects which will shorten its life.

1st Unplug your how water distiller and remove the boiling chamber lid.

2nd Add sulfuric acid or white vinegar: approximately 2 tablespoons, both are great cleaning agents, though the white vinegar is milder than the acid.

3rd Swirl the chamber for approximately 10-15 seconds ensuring that the agent has been spread in all areas.

4th Leave the distiller overnight with the agent to continue cleaning.

5th Empty the chamber the following morning.

6th To clean the chamber from the solution fill with water

7th To ensure that the chamber is cleaned properly repeat again.

8th Wipe down with a cloth, plug in and turn the distiller back on to ensure that it works properly after the cleaning. Make sure that the chamber fills with water properly.

Properly taking care of your Home Water Distiller will keep it working properly much longer giving you endless amounts of distilled water. In order to get best results and make sure that you always have distilled water available do this every 3-4 moths and be consistent.

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