Reverse Osmosis Water In an Aquarium

reverse osmosis water aquarium A common query from our customers is whether you can use Reverse Osmosis water in an aquarium

The one thing that fish have in common is they all live in water. But, the type of water can vary from the soft acidic, to mineral rich and salty depth of the ocean.

This variation caused the area you lived in to dictate the type of fish you could keep.  Area with excessively hard tap water would find it hard to successfully keep soft water fish.  Many people use rainwater but this can carry harmful pollutants that can endanger your fish.

The solution is Reverse Osmosis water or (RO water for short).  Reverse Osmosis water removes the limitations of your local tap water so you can keep a range of fish from different types of water.

Reverse Osmosis is a type of water purification technology that uses semi-permeable membrane.  This process can remove many types of molecules, ions and impurities from water that you would harmful to a home aquarium.  Using Reverse Osmosis water can reduce the chances of algal blooms and lower the chances of harming your fish and delicate corals.

Customers looking for reverse osmosis water aquarium products should look on our main website at the Reverse Osmosis Section –

What ever fish you keep, they will greatly benefit from the use of Reverse Osmosis water in your aquarium.

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