Cleaning Your Camera

Buy distilled water when you want to clean your camera. If you have to clean the display of your camera, either if it is your cell phone camera, or a professional one, you can use this water to achieve best results. This is how you clean your camera. First of all, if you have a digital camera, it lens might show up only when you turn it on. In this case, turn on the camera and brush the dust from the lens. You may do this with a special blower brush that you can buy in any photography store. Then spray some of the water that is distilled on a microfiber cloth and clean the lens. Make sure you do not apply too much pressure on the lens and on the display. But if you find a particular spot is hard to be wiped out put a little pressure on the microfiber cloth. If your camera has its lens protruding, like one of the professional cameras, turn it off and take out the batteries. In fact you should always do that if you have that chance to clean the lens without turning on the camera. This will prevent your camera from damage in case you pour water on it by accident. You can actually clean the insides of the camera with the wet cloth too.

Buy distilled water and remember it is the safest way to clean your camera’s lens and display.

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