Demineralised Water for your Humidifier

Demineratised Home HumidifierDemineralised water has many great uses. One such use can be applied in one household appliance which is very important during the winter months. As the weather outside gets cold we turn our heaters on, which in turn dry out the air.

This is when we take out our ultrasonic humidifier to help us and our families breathe better. Having a humidifier in all of the bedrooms in your home is very important during the winter months as it will help prevent the air from getting too dry.

If the air in your room is too dry your throat will get drier, skin will get flakier, and lips will dry out. It’s also a very convenient way to help you breathe better at night if you have a cold as it will help clear out your lungs and keep your lips moist if you have a stuffy nose. One problem that many people face with their home ultrasonic humidifiers is that the mist that they spray out tends to leave a white powder-like dust on furniture. This same powder is also breathed in and is actually very unhealthy.

One way to prevent this is either with deionized water or distilled water. Deionized water is processed in such a way that most of the minerals and impurities are removed and it is a much better choice than using tap water. It will also help keep your humidifier running longer as it will not create the buildup of calcium which usually occurs with tap water. If you don’t have a humidifier in your home for this winter season, be sure to grab one next time you are out, and don’t forget your deionized water to keep it running longer and keep your family healthy.


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