Differences between deionised and distilled water

deionised and distilled waterWe know that our customers love distilled water, but not many know the differences between distilled water and deionised water.

We at the distilled water company are here to help- and to do so, we’re providing you, our loyal reader, with an explanation of the two substances.

Distilled water is made through a process of boiling impure water and collecting the steam from the hot liquid. The minerals that are naturally present-changeable depending on the source and conditions in which it has been kept- are essentially left behind in the original container, too heavy to evaporate. This leaves the purest form of water possible.

Deionised water is pretty much what it says on the tin; water which has had ions removed. This is done through a series of ion-exchange processes in a special chamber; the ions are then replaced with hydrogen and hydroxide as required.

Each of these types of water has various uses and are more appropriate for specific experiments; having explored the uses of distilled water in a recent blog, we will be looking into deionised water next week- so keep reading for more invaluable info.

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