Different Types of Water

Different types of waterWater, you might be surprised to find out can actually be categorized into quite a few different types.  We’ve only ever mentioned tap water, distilled water and mineral water, but there are a few other types that are worth mentioning.

Hard Water – This is water that contains a very high content on mineral.  These minerals are generally calcium and magnesium. If you’re interested in finding out if you’re tap water is soft or hard you can do a very easy test.  Soap will lather up a lot more easily in soft water than in hard, so that should give you an idea of whether you are in a soft or hard water area. Much of the UK is predominantly a hard water area, however there are exceptions in the north of Scotland and along the South coast of England.

Soft Water – As you’d guessed, soft water is the opposite to hard water. This is water that contains very little, or no calcium or magnesium. This water usually comes from peat or igneous rocks.

Rain Water – Again it may seem very obvious but there are actually some interesting facts about rain water.  It is in fact a type of distilled water, as rain is moisture that has evaporated and then condensed in our atmosphere.  However, when it falls it gathers dust, chemicals, germs, pretty much anything thats floating around at the time. So by the time it’s come back down to earth it’s fully loaded with dirt and chemicals.

Snow Water – Snow water is just frozen rain water.  For some reason some people seem to think by freezing water you can clean it.  This isn’t true, and on top of that if you eat snow to get the water you are actually dehydrating yourself!  You’re body uses up energy trying to melt the snow in your mouth, that’s why whenever you see climbers or people exploring snowy areas they will always melt the snow down in a pan before drinking it.

Filtered Water – Filtered water has been passed through a strainer, to try and remove some of the chemicals and germs that may have been in it.  Tap water is passed through filtration plants before being put back into circulation for the general public.

Deonised Water – Is explained in our blog post here!

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