Distilled water and vinegar for eco-cleaning

distilled-water-eco-kitchenGiven the high toxicity levels of many commonplace household cleaning products, many of us are on the lookout for greener cleaning solutions. Among two of the most useful natural products that fit the bill are white vinegar and distilled water, a solution of which will get through most of your everyday cleaning tasks with ease.

A 50/50 solution of white vinegar and distilled water will give you a mildly acidic cleaning solution that you can use safely anywhere in the house. In the kitchen, you can clean and sanitise kitchen work surfaces and mop tiled floors, as the vinegar cuts through dirt and grime. It is great for cleaning chrome taps and sink areas, as the solution will even remove hard water deposits and limescale. The distilled water ensures that you get a clean, streak-free finish, as well as making the mixture longer lasting. Ordinary tap water will not only give you a streaky finish, but the mixture will soon become rancid.

The use of distilled water also makes this cleaning solution perfect for cleaning windows, mirrors or any item that contains glass, giving you a pristine finish, without the use of harsh or expensive chemicals.

Another great use for this cleaning mixture is to clean the coils at the back of your fridge. Often ignored, these coils get covered in dust, which means that the fridge has to work that much harder to expel heat, which means more energy and ultimately more cost to you. Cleaning with the vinegar and distilled water solution not only removes the dust, but it also creates an anti static effect, repelling dust for longer.

The bathroom is an equally satisfying place to use your eco-cleaning mixture to clean the bath, sinks and toilet.

Distilled water and white vinegar is so safe that you can even drink it. How reassuring is that for parents of young children! It offers a really attractive alternative to bleach and other household products in terms of safety, and will also save you money as well, which can’t be bad.

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