Distilled Water Facial for a Monument

Distilled water is the number one helper of archaeologists who are trying to restore monuments facing the sea. The shore temple of Memallapuram, India is currently being restored with the help of this water. Whenever a monument is facing the ocean, erosion occurs. The winds that are blowing from the ocean to the mainland are very salty, and all that salt penetrates monuments and other structures and erosion occurs. Unless measures are taken, these structures will eventually suffer irrecoverable losses and may end up destroyed. This is why a science team is performing a paper pulp exfoliation twice a year. The temple of Memallapuram is a world heritage site since 1983 and the temple is 45 feet tall. The science team has come up with the idea of paper blotting to extract salt that has penetrated the stones. This paper is placed in containers with water that is distilled for three hours until it is completely soaked up. The paper is then treated with a wet cloth. After this it is soaked up in the water again and applied to on the stone structures. The science team does not use ground water, because it has salt in it too and it eventually adds up to the salt in the monuments. This desalinated water is also used to remove dust and algae.

About 800 litres of water are used every day to restore this world heritage monument. With the help of distilled water world will history alive for many more centuries.

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