Distilled Water Floats Our Boat

We all know by now that distilled water has tonnes of uses, some of which come as a surprise to us and our clients/blog readers, and we always love to find out about new ones. The most common use of our distilled water is for scientific experiments, as its pure form allows for accurate results when reacting with other substances, but how about ways in which more people really get to enjoy its purity in terms of creating fun for themselves and their friends and family? This week we’ve discovered that distilled water is ideal for maintaining a healthy battery in your powerboat, and can help maintain the acid levels inside it, simply by tipping in a little distilled water once a month or so. Not only will this help it last longer, but can also help prevent potentially dangerous situations whilst you’re out on the water, and keep the crew from harm.
So if you’re a keen boater, or indeed a fan of a different recreational activity for which distilled water is useful, then pick up the phone or drop us an email, and find out about how we can deliver as many jerry cans as you desire to your door, at your convenience. Or maybe you know of another handy use for our distilled water- if so, let us know or leave a comment at the bottom of our blog.
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