Distilled Water for Cleaning Coins

If you are a collector of coins then you definitely need to buy distilled water for making sure that they are perfectly clean. Here are several steps to ensuring that your collection is in perfect shape and always shiny. Initially what you need to do prepare your working space. Have a container with distilled water ready, towel to ensure that you don’t make a mess, and a soft brush. Gentle cleaning is key to keeping all of the details perfect. Scrub the dirty coin gently with the brush and then let it soak in the water for one or two days. This will help remove the loose dirt. Better take your time and do this several times over several days instead of rushing things because you may scrub important details from your coin. This is least destructive to the coin, and if it isn’t too dirty it should get it clean. One thing to remember is that if you have silver or bronze coins don’t soak them in the same water as it may change the colour of the metals. In our next blog post we will give you more tips to getting your coins perfectly cleaned if this method didn’t work for those that are too dirty. You will need to buy distilled water in order to do this as well.

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