Distilled water for detoxification

distilled-water-detoxJanuary is the time when many of us start to think about detoxification. All the Christmas and New Year festivities are over, the weather is pretty miserable, and we often suffer from the winter blues. So what better than to take the opportunity to cleanse and detoxify our bodies, ready for the year ahead.

There is an array of detox diets on the internet and in magazines and other media, endorsed by one celebrity or another, but the idea of regular detoxifying for optimum health is not simply a short lived fad, but has been used in certain cultures for thousands of years, with great documented success.

Most detox diets include a lot of fresh organic juices, fruit and vegetables, with limited dairy, meat and processed foods. Some people take this further with enemas or colonic irrigation. Distilled water is used for these, to assist the body in eliminating toxins such as heavy metals. Distilled water is the purest form of water, so does not contain any of the minerals or chemicals we find in bottled mineral or tap water. The distilled water acts as a chelator of toxins, mopping up heavy metals and other toxins as it passes in and out the body.

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