Distilled Water for Dried-Out Third World Countries

Distilled water is the answer for the many third world countries that suffer from a constant drought or pollution in their natural water reserves. There are many countries in the world that suffer from insufficient amounts of clean and drinkable water and people are dying not only of hunger but of thirst.

This is commonly seen in many of the third world countries in Africa and the Middle East where water is hard to come by and often the natural flowing rivers miles away are polluted from either mining or other forms of interaction from others. Water is life and in order for people to survive they must stay hydrated. Systems that make distilled water can be made in villages and towns of these countries.

Such a system can be created by sending the hot air outside underground through a tube deep enough where there is a significant difference in temperature the tube will „sweat” distilled water, the same way when you take a cold can of soda out of the fridge and take it outside on a hot day, the droplets formed on the outside of the can are distilled water.

With careful engineering of the tube and a collection type of „gutter „sloped properly into a container a natural distilled water well can be made. Easing the thirst and therefore the hunger of the small villages in third world countries can be easy, it’s only a matter of understanding how distilled water works and how it can truly help the millions people suffering from thirst.

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