Distilled Water for Facial Steamers

Did you know that you should always use distilled water for your facial steamer? We can give you some very useful tips on how to take care of

Distilled Water for Facial Steamers

Distilled Water for Facial Steamers

your steamer so it lasts for a long time and keeps you beautiful. Fist of all you should check if your steamer can handle aromatherapy. If not, then never put essential oils directly into the water when it is hot. It may clog the steamer and even break the jar. Always fill it up with distilled fresh water before you use it. Never leave water in the steamer. The reason you have to use water that is distilled is that if you don’t, your steamer might get clogged up with minerals and other components that are usually in the normal tap water. This build up will ultimately destroy the steamer. It may start to leak and spit hot water. This can be really dangerous. At the end of the day, when you are finished using the facial steamer – clean it. Put 2 spoons of vinegar inside and fill up the steamer with water. Let it steam for 30 seconds. After that, allow the vinegary water to stay in the steamer for 15 minutes. Drain it, fill it up with water and heat it up again. When finished throw away the water. Never leave the vinegar solution overnight – it will destroy the steamer.

Remember – if you want to work with your facial steamer for a long time and feel safe with it – always use distilled water.

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