Distilled water for your aquarium

distilled-water-aquariumDistilled water can be a useful addition to your aquarium, bringing with it a range of advantages and benefits for you and your fish.

Normal tap water contains unwanted contaminants, such as chlorine, and mineral salts which can affect the ph level of the water in your aquarium. As water evaporates, only the pure water evaporates, leaving behind the mineral and chemical residue. It is therefore a very good idea to top up your aquarium with distilled water to ensure a balanced ph value. If you keep adding tap water, you will notice that the water becomes unbalanced in its mineral content as the levels become more concentrated over time. Distilled water is therefore particularly useful if your tap water supply is very hard. By mixing pure and tap water, your fish will get the best of both worlds, resulting in a much healthier water supply.

It is not advisable to use only distilled water, as its purity means that it contains no minerals whatsoever. Fish, like all animals and humans, need certain essential minerals to survive. Providing them with a mineral free water supply could be harmful to them.

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