Distilled Water from a Singapore River

Being big fans of world news, particularly when it concerns distilled water, we recently read a very interesting article indeed, published on the Straits Times, a Singapore press holding website. The article itself explained how several members of the Singaporean public, along with Dr Walter Kim drank water from a local river. Sounds absurd, of course. What wasn’t immediately given away in the report was that a machine developed by Dr Kim himself was used, to turn the liquid into distilled water, and this remove the impurities from the river before the volunteers were subjected to drinking it. The invention through which the water was poured has been being worked on for twenty six years by the Korean doctor, and all his hard work is paying off now, as the filtration system has been taken up and is being marketed by Nikken, a health and wellness group from Dr Kim’s home country. Hopes for this invention are high, as are Dr Kim’s ambitions for how far it will travel around the world, and for how many people it will aid in the future. Being portable, the system may well be used to help under developed countries in sourcing and creating clean, drinkable water.

If you’d like any more information on our distilled water, or have a little system of your own that you’re developing as Dr Kim has been, please do get in touch or leave a comment at the bottom of our blog.

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