Distilled Water given to Sick Inmates

inmates are now drinking distilled water instead of from the tapInmates at Tacloban Prison, situated in the port city of the same name in the Philippines, are being treated for sickness and diarrhoea, following conformation that five of the sixty-six sufferers had contracted amoebiasis from the water in the prison. Both sources of water at the institution have been tested, and both have been proven to harbour parasites which stay active through the human immune system. A massive cleanup operation of the jail’s tanks are now underway, and residents are being given cans of distilled water to drink instead of being encouraged to use the regular supplies. As for the sick, all have been given medicines and treatments, and only four still remain under supervision and are still receiving care.
Here at the Distilled Water Company, we appreciate that it is imperative that if you, or any member of your family is considering incorporating distilled water into your/their liquid intake, a medical professional must be consulted beforehand, as they will be able to advise fully on the individual’s needs and requirements.
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