Distilled water Icicles are Perfectly Shaped

distilled water makes great iciclesFor some, including some of us here at your favourite distilled water company, the thought of discovering more about icicles and other forms of frozen water, is what gets them up in the morning. The prospect of each new day bringing further information that scientists have spent days, months, even years, researching is almost too much too handle. So, dear reader, this week we thought, what with there being so many icicle fans out there in the world, we’d bring you a little blog that combined these frozen wonders with our other passion: distilled water.
A team of Canadian scientists have recently been researching what exactly it is that makes icicles ‘grow’ in different shapes, putting to rest the notion that they are always in fact exactly the same. Using a controlled environment to let them develop, various factors were altered, such as the water quality, in order to discover what differences would occur. It soon became apparent that those icicles grown using distilled water were much more likely to be perfectly conical, whilst those made with tap water were more susceptible to having lumps and bumps attached to their shape.
If you’re thinking of making your own icicles, it seems there is nothing better than some good old distilled water to create them, why not get in touch and one of our team will be on hand to give you more information about our deliveries and our service. Or, would like to share some more of your frozen water knowledge with us, please do leave a comment at the bottom of our blog.
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