Distilled Water Improves the Taste of the Electronic Cigarettes

You are probably familiar with the electronic cigarettes and while you buy distilled water for other purposes, you may as well use it for your e-cig as well.

If you have made the smart decision to switch from regular to electronic cigarettes, you are probably trying out different flavours. There are many flavours on the market. You can get vanilla, chocolate, kaluha, banana, even key lime flavours. However, there are some people who like to mix up their own flavours. All they have to do is buy a little concentrated e-juice for the cigarette and start producing their own unique flavours. We have spoken to many people who have switched to the electronic cigarettes and they shared with us that mixing up their own flavours is really fun, but it requires a little knowledge. You have to buy different flavours and then dilute them with vegetable glycerine. Sometimes the juice turns out to be too thick and then people add a little distilled water to it. Distilled water is preferred to tap water or mineral water, because the distilled one is absolutely pure, there are no minerals or sediment inside it that can be inhaled while smoking. What is more the distilled water will leave your electronic cigarette gadget clean and leave no deposits over time.

Buy distilled water for your coffee machine to have tastier water, for your car engine to make it run longer and leave just a little for your electronic cigarette.

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