Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!

Distilled Water has many great uses, and one is to help you fight off bedbugs on your travels this holiday season. When we take to the road to visit family for the Holidays its common to end up sleeping in questionable hotels along the way which means strange beds. You never know what microscopic little creatures lurk beneath the sheets, and how many of them you will take home with you. Here is a quick and easy way to sleep bug free at night, and head back home with nothing more than presents and you in the car. You will need rubbing alcohol, atomizer, and two parts distilled water in a little sprits bottle. Get the concoction ready before you head out on your Holiday travels this season and spray the bed that you sleep in just to make you feel more comfortable.

Though the best way to fight the little monsters is with a steamer, which you will need distilled water for as well, but doubtfully you will find time to start steaming the bed you will sleep in when on vacation, though you can surely do that with your own bed when you get home to ensure that you haven’t brought any unwanted pets home. Holidays are one of the most common times that people end up getting their homes infested with these little creatures, primarily from bringing them home with them from sleeping in an infested bed, don’t let it happen to you.

So, have a safe and bug free Holiday season and sleep soundly knowing that with your trusted alcohol and distilled water mixture you have warded them off, at least while you are there.

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