Five Amazing things Distilled Water Does: Number 1

Distilled Water is a great way to ensure that your home appliances work properly, but did you know it can also do magic? There are numerous great things that you can do right at home that will truly blow your mind. To start with, did you know that water that is distilled can actually explode?

Keep in mind that this is a bit dangerous so make sure that you have protective gear and are prepared for a bit of a wet mess. Water that is distilled can actually be overheated beyond boiling point and it will not show any signs like normal tap water would. These signs are the bubbles which are formed by a “seed” or a point where the bubbles are able to form. This “seed” in normal water is usually the minerals present in it, and since water that is distilled doesn’t have such minerals it shows no signs of boiling.

So where does the exploding come from? Well, if you place some water that is distilled in the microwave in a smooth container and heat beyond boiling point you will see that there are no signs of boiling. However, if you drop a foreign object in the water you will see the boiling process in a matter of a fraction of a second. Distilled water has many secrets, and we will reveal four more in the upcoming blogs. Make sure to have protective gear ready if you do try this at home!

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