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The Home Water Distiller that we now offer is a wonderful product for anyone interested in having on demand distilled water right at home. There is no need to run to the store or order distilled water every time you have a need for it. As you may already know distilled water is ideal for any engines that use water, like the battery or cooling system. Tap water has far too many minerals and impurities that can actually have a negative effect on their lifespan and them working properly. Aside from using the water for your car there are plenty of home uses as well. With the comfort of a home water distiller you can control the PH of your fish tank as well as make all sorts of great balsams for your hair, skin, and other beauty products right at home. Distilled water is the perfect base for any mixture as there are no impurities to affect the outcome.

Today the steam mops and cleaners have become very popular for keeping your home germ and spot free and by using pure water you will ensure a longer lifetime. If you use tap water for these steam cleaners they will likely clog up and calcify from the calcium and other properties within the water. There are hundreds of uses for the home water distiller that can ensure a clean and safe home, car or boat engine, as well as help you keep your at its best with home remedies which don’t contain the chemicals that over the counter ones are filled with.

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