Make your Distilled Water Do Magic Tricks (#2)

If you want to show some magic tricks to your friends without actually buying magic equipment, you can easily do that with distilled water. There are many ways you can perform magic with water, but here are just a few of them.

1)      Make water explode – all you need is to superheat water that has been distilled. Heat it up in the microwave in a very smooth container. When water is distilled it can reach a far greater heating temperature without boiling. Heat it up and then very carefully put a small object in the water – it will burst and explode – gushing water everywhere!

2)      Water Bridge – using a cathode beaker and an anode beaker next to each other, a water bridge forms between the two and when you carefully put them apart at about 25 millimetres you will see that the bridge is still there!

3)      Water and Whiskey switching places – this is a neat and easy trick you can play. Pour water in a shot glass and whiskey in another shot glass. Put a card over the water glass, then quickly turn it upside down and put it over the whiskey shot. Slowly start moving the card and soon enough you will see how water goes in the lower glass and whiskey makes its way through the upper glass. Whiskey is less dense than water that is why it goes to the top.

Magic is in everything around us, but if you want to astonish someone with a simple magic trick – use some distilled water!

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