Should we drink Distilled water?- part 1

There are ongoing debates about whether or not we should be drinking distilled water, as some say that consuming it for prolonged periods of time, without balancing out your intake with regular mineral water, can cause health problems. In the first of our new two-part blog, we explore some of the supposed benefits of drinking distilled water, whilst next week we’ll be examining the reasons we should rule out ingesting it at all. We would like to reiterate that as part of this blog series, we are exploring the arguments surrounding this topics, although we cannot endorse consuming distilled water, as the practice is still not recommended by most medical professionals.

-Drinking distilled water, as well as mineral water, can help draw out some of the toxins in your body, making you feel healthier and your skin glow.
-Some may argue that drinking distilled water removals many of the vital minerals and vitamins that the body needs to sustain itself, however most of these are replaced with a balanced and healthy food diet.
-Some have discovered the life-saving qualities that distilled water can bring, as it quickly removes poison from the body. For some, timing is crucial, and none can be wasted if toxic substances are already in the blood.

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