Should we drink Distilled water?-part 2

Following last week’s blog exploring the health benefits of drinking distilled water, the second in the two-part series sees us talking about the other side of the coin, about the negative effects it can have on one’s health.

-It has been found that in some ‘hard water’ areas, where the water is rich with minerals, residents have had better cardiovascular health. As distilled water does not have these minerals, these benefits can be missed out on.
-Even though distilled water can help draw out toxins from the body, it can also draw out vital nutrients and minerals if drunk over a long period of time, by a process of osmosis, leaving the consumer lacking in vital minerals.
-Drinking too much distilled water can increase the amount of carbon dioxide that your body adsorbs. Our natural breathing process aims to eliminate this gas, although might not be able to completely exclude this increased amount from the body.

We would like to stress that the distilled water company does not recommend you drink distilled water, as it is not advised by most medical officials. If you have any other comments about the health benefits or risks associated with drinking distilled water, please do get in touch or leave a comment at the bottom of our blog- we always love to hear from you!

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