The Benefits of Distilled Water

Distilled water waveDrinking distilled water is really important for staying healthy and avoiding getting ill or catching viruses.  Food and water are after all the two most important things that humans need to stay alive,  so it’s definitely a good thing to make sure the water we drink is as clean as possible.  Tap water can actually contain a lot of impurities, or diseases that can make us very ill.  Even though it is put through a filtration plant before it comes out of our taps there are lots of chemicals that can get into the water from the pipes it travels through.

Distilled water is free of these chemicals and by drinking distilled water it can have some huge benefits for your health.  Not only is water really important to keep us hydrated (which you can read about on the Water Cooler Company blog) but water is essential for our body whilst filtering our blood in our kidneys, our body is constantly working to make sure that chemicals or anything else in our body that should not be there is passed out. By drinking distilled water it makes sure that we are not making extra work for our organs by drinking more chemicals and inorganic minerals that must be passed through our body.

There are also some myths that need to be dispelled regarding distilled water, one of these is that by drinking distilled water you are depriving your body of certain minerals.  This is simply not true!  Even if distilled water does not contain some of the minerals that tap water does it makes no difference to us because they are in such small amounts.  To get any benefit from the good minerals in tap water you would have to drink a simply unrealistic amount.  It is much better for us to drink distilled water, and then get the minerals that we need by eating fruit or healthy food, which contain a lot more minerals than tap water.

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