The distilled water poetry challenge: Classic Verse

We are terribly sad to announce that this, the Classic Verse blog, is to be the final of The Distilled Water Poetry Challenge. Our brains have been worked and our pads of paper worn through with all the hours of scribbling and re-scribbling, desperate to get our poems just right for our faithful followers.
We always planned to go out on a high, thus we present our classic, (sometimes) rhyming ode to distilled water. (N.B. We don’t want to alarm anyone/frighten you into thinking that this is the end of the blog altogether. On the contrary. Your favourite lunchtime read is not going anywhere).

We really feel it’s time to say,
Everything we’ve wanted to.
Distilled water just makes our day,
And we want to share the love with you.

If you’ve never seen it work before,
Simply let us introduce.
Poke your head round the science lab door,
And from then on, our water you’ll choose.

So many uses, you’d never guess,
From putting in cars to ironing your clothes.
Helping the creased get out of your dress,
Or keeping your goldfish from turning mauve.

So that’s all folks. If you’d like to carry on the poetry love, please do get in touch and send us your contributions; we always like to feel we inspire our customers.

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