The many uses of Water!

Human body of waterWater is one of the most important things to a human, it is completely vital for us to drink enough water to lead healthy lives. A lot of people may think about food as important, but a human can actually last a lot longer without food than water.  It makes sense that we need water so much seeing as our bodies consist of between 59% to 78% water.  It’s never been completely proven precisely what is the best amount of water for a human to drink per day, but scientists and doctors recommend around 2 litres per day, this might sound like a lot but we do get a lot of water through food and any other types of liquid we drink.

Seems rather strange, but apart from drinking we also use water for a whole load of very important things.  We use it to put out fires, in a lot of cooking, to keep clean and hygienic. Water really is what spawned us as humans, one of the reasons why scientists get so excited when they think they may have found water on the moon, or more recently on mars.  Another way we use water is to have fun!  Who doesn’t enjoy going to the beach on a sunny afternoon and spending the day splashing around in the sea?  On top of that think about all the swimming pools and even sports that need water as the main source for fun, the Olympics just wouldn’t be the same without the swimming and diving events.

Water is often mistreated by humans, it is very easy to pollute and sadly we’ve made habits of mistreating nature.  There have been countless cases of oil tankers sinking in the sea, contaminating the water and killing many fish or birds that are suffocated by the oil.  Of course there are also issues with large companies who illegally dump waste into rivers or seas, not only polluting nature but also endangering humans if the water comes into their supply for their homes or at work.

At the Distilled Water company we like to encourage people to drink the healthiest possible water, if you would like more information please contact us by calling 0845 006 3309 or emailing [email protected]

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