Uses of Distilled water: Part 2


We bet you never knew that distilled water was so useful for so many things- that’s what we’re here for, to wax lyrical about how we at The Distilled Water Company may be able to help with things that you never knew could be improved. So read on, loyal blog-follower, and uncover more of the wonders of distilled water in the second of our two-part series:
– Using distilled water in your steam iron can help improve its functioning, as well as how long it lasts. It can help prevent a build up of minerals within the iron, which can in turn come to make marks on clothes and fabrics. This problem is also being combated by manufacturers, many of whom now say that distilled water is unnecessary in their irons.
– If you like the odd cigar, you’ll know that the not only way to keep them fresh and moist is to place them in a humidor box, but also that the only water suitable to sustain the humidity within it is distilled water. Regular tap water can cause mineral build-ups which reduce the effectiveness of the box.
So there we have it; we hope we’ve introduced you to some of the ways in which distilled water can improve various household appliances, can help in scientific development, and of course help keep your cigars tasty.
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