What is Distilled Water?

We at the Distilled Water Company love distilled water; clearly, otherwise we wouldn’t be so passionately writing, reading, discovering about, experimenting with and selling it. We also know that it is something of a mystery to many, and for these said many, questions such as, ‘what is distillation’, ‘what does distilled water taste like’, and ‘how can I find the answers to these questions’ run through their minds constantly. Well, now you need look no further friends, as we provide you with your much-desired information, beginning with an explanation of the purest liquid you can get your hands on…
– Distilled water is, quite simply, the purest water you can get. To get it to this stage, the water is boiled until it turns into steam, which rises into a separate container. As molecules of the minerals which is naturally present in drinking water are heavier than those of oxygen and hhydrogen (which combine to make pure water), the minerals are affectively left behind during the boiling process, not light enough to rise with the steam. Once the steam is cooled and turned back into liquid form, this is what we refer to as distilled water.
– Drinking distilled water is not recommended by some medical professionals, and we do not recommend that our distilled water is every used for human consumption.
If you have any questions about our distilled water, or would like to place an order with us, please do get in touch and we’ll happy to help with any queries you may have.

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