Where Distilled Water is Applied

The Distilled Water Suppliers have some interesting information to share with you. Many people are asking the question – where is distilled water applied? It is certainly not only for drinking.


This water is widely used in biological and chemical laboratories. This type of water is extremely pure. It is not ionized and does not have any additional chemicals in it. It is used for topping off lead acid batteries, which are usually used in trucks and cars. The reason that this water is preferred to tap water is that the tap water contains ions that will reduce drastically the lifespan of the car battery. Tap water is also substituted with distilled one when it comes to automotive cooling systems.


Many people use this water in their aquariums, because it does not contain harmful chemicals. However, it is important to research what supplements you need to add in it to maintain the ecosystem inside. You may think that tap water is OK for you aquarium, but in many places, especially very dirty cities, there are chemicals in the water and people are being warned not to give it to their pets, especially fish. So if you want to enjoy your beautiful fishes longer, switch to distilled water.


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2 Responses to Where Distilled Water is Applied

  1. Michael Wilson Michael Wilson says:

    Is Distilled water without Fluoride as I am allergic to Fluoride.

    I also would like to purchase a Distilled water holder/filter to put in my fridge where I can just pour out my drinking water whenever I like!

    Do you sell these? If so, how much are they?

    Thank you…

  2. admin admin says:

    Distilled water is without fluoride. Unfortunately we know of no such fridge specific container. You can easily dispense our water into smaller containers for fridge use

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